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Ann's Story

With a business to run and chemo to go through, Ann assessed her life and considered the changes that were needed. 

Here she talks about the how, the what, the where and the why. And of course, the results of the life changing decisions that were made. 

Ann discovered that you do not have to be held back by a life threatening illness. In fact, it can be just what you need to move forward.  


Successfully running and building businesses over the years has enabled Ann to hone her skills in profiling and communicating with clients like no other!

In this talk Ann explains the basics of business profiling. What it is, how it is done, why it is important and how you can find out more about it. 

She goes on to explain the positive impact profiling can have on your communication with clients and potential clients, and what it means for your business in the long term. 


Thank goodness for the England Lionesses. They have been taken into hearts of  English football lovers.

When Ann first started watching football at Upton Park, with her Dad, women’s football wasn’t a thing. She was the only “girl” on the terrace in the North Bank. Nowadays things have changed. More women have executive roles in clubs. Also we have more teams attached to the men’s football clubs.

Ann’s favourite person (obviously) is Karen Brady who is the Vice Chair at West Ham United – a business woman in the board room of a football club.

Ann has had lots of experiences in her football journey that she can laugh about now, despite shaking her head in despair at the time. She has some of those experiences to share with you.